Welcome to the Inner City Uniting Church

Information on this website is completely fictitious and simply aids in demonstrating the type of information that would typically be displayed on a congregation website. If you were looking forward to visiting the Inner City congregation, we are sorry to disappoint you, but you are still welcome to visit us at the Synod office, and chat over a coffee or two. Toffee chocolate cake muffin jelly-o cake. Cotton candy muffin pudding candy caramels. Danish jelly-o croissant. Sweet roll tiramisu cake cake chupa chups ice cream candy canes marzipan apple pie. Biscuit ice cream ice cream topping tiramisu topping sweet roll. Sweet cotton candy bear claw jelly beans halvah carrot cake cake chocolate marshmallow. Sesame snaps chocolate cake cookie gingerbread cupcake.

Bible Study

Real people. Messy lives. Authentic seekers. Zero judgement. Unconditional love.

Sunday School

Inviting all little people with big questions. Every Sunday morning at 9am.

Special Events

Our beautiful venue is available for hire. Weddings are our speciality.

Café Church

Every Wednesday morning. Good coffee and great conversation.